49ers say Candlestick Park’s field surface doesn’t completely suck

49ers-candlestick-park-surfaceAfter a Facebook photo from Billy Cundiff’s workout at Candlestick Park on Monday depicted a less-than-immaculate turf, the 49ers want you to know the stadium’s playing surface doesn’t totally suck; it only kind of sucks.

Here’s Niners long snapper Brian Jennings (who was there for Cundiff’s workout), via BANG’s Cam Inman:

“There’s not a lot of grass on the field but the footing is good,” said Jennings, who’s called Candlestick his home field since joining the 49ers in 2000.

Candlestick got a new layer of natural grass last month, and Jennings believed the field may have been covered during recent rain storms.

“The grass is a little thin,” Jennings said. “It shouldn’t be a factor, it shouldn’t be an issue.”

With the Niners set to host the Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs on Saturday, the playing surface is a more relevant issue than would be typical, given the impact the abysmal slop the Seahawks and Redskins played on at FedEx FIeld had on that game last weekend. While it’s likely Candlestick will pass (perhaps marginally), the NFL does require field inspections 72 hours prior to kickoff.

But Jim Harbaugh said this quality of the playing field is inevitable at this time of year:

“I thought it was ok, yeah. It’s not like it is in September. Most grass fields tend not to be as lush in the winter months.”

Translation: Of course the field’s condition sucks. It’s late in the season. Deal, people.

Good thing the forecast for Saturday only calls for a small chance of rain.

[photo via BASG]

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