Sharks are back, so they treated us to a new funny commercial (Video)

Usually when Sharks season rolls around, you can count on seeing some funny TV commercials for the team flood the local airwaves.

There was one where Joe Thornton was a ventriloquist. There was another where the Sharks pretended to be shopping network salesmen. Another notable one had Logan Couture as a pizza delivery boy, which wasn’t as creepy or filled with sexual innuendo as it should have been.

The ads aren’t funny because of any genius comedy writing; they’re funny because they’re ironic and poorly acted and goofy and the players aren’t afraid to make fools out of themselves. If you don’t like them, it’s because you have no soul.

But because of that devil’s spawn known as the 2012-13 NHL Lockout, we in the Bay have been deprived of those goofy Sharks commercials for the past three or four months. Until now.

With the Sharks back in business beginning this Sunday, we have our first new commercial of the season. First, the free 16-ounce drinks, now this? Whoa there. Don’t outdo yourselves, Sharks.

Given that it’s been a little over a week since we knew there would actually be a season, there isn’t too much of a Sharks player presence in this one, but watch out for a silent, mustachioed cameo from Ryan Clowe.

[H/T Puck Daddy]

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