Brent Burns’ official team photo for the Sharks this season is amazing, horrifying

brent-burns-sharks-beardThe homeless-looking man you see in that picture is Sharks defenseman Brent Burns.

Some players might come into camp out of shape or overweight after having no hockey action for over six months. That’s going to be the case for a bunch of guys this season. But it might be safe to say no other player will be reuniting with his team with a dead bear on his face like Burns did.

Here’s Burns in his official team photo, looking like he just crawled out of a hole in the woods he’s been living in with little-to-no regard for personal hygiene for the duration of the lockout. Yes, we know hockey players are known for unkempt appearances, what with their scraggly beards and gap-toothed grins. But the DGAF attitude Burns gives off here makes the whole picture more remarkable.

God knows how this man ever got to be named one of the “hottest players in the NHL” this season. Seriously.

Alas, this isn’t the first time Burns has had an awkward and weird team photo. Puck Daddy cleverly compiled the “evolution” of Burns and his varying amounts of hair through the years:


H/T Fear the Fin

  • Marty

    What happened to this guy in 2010?

  • Johnny

    It’s Chewie!! “WWWaaaarraaaaghh!!!”