JaMarcus Russell attempting NFL comeback. Seriously.


So, JaMarcus Russell hopes to make it back in the NFL. Yes, the National Football League. And yes, JaMarcus Russell, the same epic draft bust/ex-Raiders QB/fatso/broke person/purple drank connoisseur we all came to love to make fun of.

Here’s NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport:

And just so things are clear:

Probably not a good sign for Russell if people reporting about his attempted comeback need to clarify that they are not joking.

Russell hasn’t played in the league since 2009 and had absolutely horrid career numbers in his three season. But, reportedly, Russell is already down from 320 pounds and has an all-star support team helping him make it back to the league. Sounds like he’s taking this seriously, but yet it’s still incredibly easy for everybody else to be so cynical about this. Prove us wrong, JaMarcus.

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