Tecmo Bowl simulation gives Super Bowl XLVII to 49ers

The 49ers, not the Ravens, are going to win the Super Bowl, so says Tecmo Bowl.

The folks who do modern-day simulations of NFL games using the classic video game plugged in the teams competing in Super Bowl XLVII. And bad news for Joe Flacco and the Ravens; they don’t claim the Lombardi Trophy.

It was, however, a tight game heading into the fourth, deadlocked at 17. But then the 49ers capitalized on a Flacco interception to take the lead for good.

Down 24-17, the Ravens responded by preposterously attempting a 65-yard field goal with 1:20 left in the game and no timeouts remaining. (Tim Brown thinks John Harbaugh just wanted to give the Super Bowl to his brother.) The kick was no good but surprisingly made it far enough to bounce off the right upright.

The 49ers then sealed the victory with a TD on a Colin Kaepernick scamper (of course). Final score: 49ers 31, Ravens 17. From TecmoBowl.org:

Kaepernick throws 2 TDs and runs for another. He’s the MVP by a long shot.

Even in decades-old video games Colin Kaepernick pulls off the heroics.

Here’s the full video of the contest, complete with Tecmo’s trademark music and quaint graphics:

[via BANG]

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