Ryane Clowe unapologetic about losing cool in Canucks game


If Sunday’s Sharks win over the Canucks was scored in pure hatred for the other team, the score would have been a lot closer than the actual 4-1 tally.

The bitter dislike each team has for the other was starkly evident. The physical nature, multiple fights and litany of penalties (84 total penalty minutes were handed down) were all indications of the intensity between impassioned foes.

Nobody was more involved in the contentiousness of the game than Ryane Clowe, who racked up a staggering 35 penalty minutes (the Sharks had 51 minutes in all), including a game misconduct. Think he feels sorry for letting things get out of hand? Think again. From David Pollak:

“There’s no secret how I play. I’m an intense guy and I’m an emotional guy. I try to play on the edge and sometimes you go over,” Clowe said. “I don’t make any apologies for that. I don’t like taking those penalties, that extra penalty where you hurt your team. Obviously that wasn’t my plan, but I don’t make any apologies for going over the edge.”

Eventually, though, Clowe grew fed up with living in the box for what seemed like the entire game:

“The last one put me over the edge,” he said, referring to the penalty drawn by Vancouver defenseman Keith Ballard at 19:30 of the second period. “It was a stupid call. I tried to finish a guy and he just skated out of trouble. I don’t know if I even got a piece of him and the guy gives me a high-stick. It was just a constant march to the penalty box and it got frustrating.”

Clowe banged his stick around the penalty box while continuing to complain, then slammed the stick to the floor when he drew an additional 10-minute misconduct and a game misconduct.

Oh, yeah. The referee who gave Clowe the hook, Dave Jackson, is officiating Tuesday’s game vs. the Ducks, too.

That shouldn’t be awkward.

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