Jerry Rice on Randy Moss: ‘I never took any plays off’


It’s Day 3 of Mossgate, two days longer than it probably should have lasted. But, at any rate, here we are. 

The latest development of this breathtaking scandal is Jerry Rice throwing shade at Randy Moss … again.

A quick refresher. Moss on Tuesday, during the three-ring circus that is Super Bowl media day, proclaimed he was the greatest wide receiver “ever to play.” Jerry Rice, the actual greatest receiver ever, took exception to that declaration and essentially told everybody Moss is crazy. Moss on Wednesday responded to Rice, not budging from his original bold assertion.

And now here we are, with Rice on Wednesday replying yet again to Moss, in what officially is the response to the response to the response. And this time, Rice finally dropped the gloves:

“I think with Randy Moss, he probably was the most talented, but along with being the most talented you’ve got to work hard,” Rice said. “Every season. Every play. I was not the most talented, but I was going to outwork you. He could have been, probably, the greatest player to ever play the game. Six-five, could run a 4.3, could outjump you. He struck fear into the opponent. But you’ve got to have it here, in your heart.” [...]

“I think the thing is, I never took any plays off and I always gave 100 percent,” Rice said. “And, also, you put my numbers up against Randy’s, my body of work compared to his work. There’s a big difference.”

Game. Set. Match.

[via Eric Branch]

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