Andrew Bogut throws epic shade at the Rockets on Twitter


The Rockets, plain and simple, mollywhopped the Warriors, 140-109, on Monday. And even though the game was out of reach, that didn’t stop things from getting awfully chippy between both teams late.

Houston, despite having the game well in hand, continued to hoist threes with the NBA record for most in a game in sight (their 23 tied the 2009 Magic’s mark). But Golden State wasn’t having it and pushed back. Naturally, this led to a giant mess of emotions and bruised egos for the remaining moments of the contest.

Marcus Thompson sets the scene:

With 1:04 left and the Warriors defending the 3-point line at all costs, [Patrick] Beverley drove the lane and dunked. He stared at the Warriors’ bench on his way to the other end, drawing a technical foul for taunting.

“The only thing I think we need to apologize for was just the reaction after the dunk,” [Jeremy] Lin said. “To be honest, that wasn’t totally classy on our behalf.”

After that, [Mark] Jackson instructed his players to foul to prevent the 3. Soon after, Beverly found himself open in the corner. Rookie forward Draymond Green charged hard into Beverley, drawing a flagrant foul two and prompting a verbal scuffle with Marcus Morris. Both Green and Morris were ejected.

In the final 34.1 seconds, Jackson had his players intentionally foul and concede the free throws. Twice.

Both teams meet again on Tuesday in Oakland. You think the players will let bygones be bygones? Think again. If Andrew Bogut’s tweet after the game was any indication, expect fireworks:

Just awesome. So brilliant. And you know he knew what he was doing.

If you don’t get it, ask your parents.

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  • joe hammer

    Does McHale have some issues with mark Jackson from their playing days of knick celtic battles??? Bernard was one of the baddest dudes in the game back then and mark was feeding him the ball.Was he talking smack to kevin ???Old battles years gone by can’t be forgotten by feirce competitors

  • john w.

    What the hell did Bogut say on twitter?
    Pass on all the other blather in your article

  • The Universe

    You know what’s a better way than fouling to stop a team from setting the all time 3 pt record against you? PLAY DEFENSE. Mark Jackson acted like a child.

  • Duane

    He emphasized the CUNT with caps….

  • j rogers

    john w. – look at the four capital letters and put them together!

  • R Petrie

    He should have used suckers. After all it should have been plural!