Andrew Bogut to play vs. Rockets on Tuesday, sit out vs. Thunder on Wednesday

The plan for Andrew Bogut upon coming back to the lineup last week was to sit out the second game of a back-to-back until the all-star break to minimize stress on his recovering left ankle. That plan provides an interesting predicament for the Warriors this week with the Rockets and Thunder on the docket for a back-to-back, beginning on Tuesday.

Do you have your starting center play against the Rockets and keep sit him vs. OKC, or do you save him to improve your chances against perhaps the best team in the Association?

Mark Jackson has decided, and it’s going to be the former.

“At the end of the day, we’re playing good teams,” Jackson said. “We want to put him in position to be able to play, to be able to recover, and then continue to progress.”

The Dubs will take the same course of action for a B2B with the Grizzlies and Dallas later this week. Essentially Bogut’s playing schedule will remain the status quo. Marcus Thompson breaks down the decision:

Why play Bogut at Houston and Memphis? Those are wins the Warriors need the most.

Houston is the No. 8 seed entering Tuesday night’s matchup, five games behind the Warriors. A win helps keep one of the league’s rising teams at bay.

Plus, frankly, the Rockets are much more beatable than the Thunder, arguably the league’s best team. It makes sense for the Warriors to put all their chips in the most winnable game. The Warriors are underdogs at Oklahoma City even with a full roster.

[via BANG]

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