Mark Jackson wasn’t having the Rockets break 3-point record against his team

The Rockets went off Tuesday night against the Warriors, scoring a staggering 140 points, thanks largely to an NBA-recording-tying 23 3-pointers made. They were gunning for the outright record in the waning minutes of the game, but the Warriors would be damned if they were going to let a record be broken on them.

They fouled hard when a Rocket would attempt a 3, milked the clock when they had the ball and committed intentional fouls, even though the game was wholly out of reach..

The Houston fans booed. We already know how heated it was between both sides late. But it’s safe to say Mark Jackson DGAF about his strategy:

“I’m an old-school basketball player and an old-school coach,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. “If you can’t appreciate that, that’s on you. We’re not going to lay down. If you’re going to try to get the record, we’re going to stop it.”

Chandler Parsons, your thoughts?

These teams meet again on Tuesday. Should be fun. I know Andrew Bogut can’t wait.

[via BANG]


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