Tim Lincecum looks, um, different (Photos)


When we last saw Tim Lincecum it was in the World Series, still with the “Dazed and Confused” look for which we’ve come to know him. The long hair, the vacant smile. It all made sense when Lincecum got busted for weed a few years back.

But when he appeared in front of the media on Friday, you could barely recognize him. The flowing, often-grimey locks were gone, replaced by a combover and glasses. Suddenly, Lincecum looks less stoner-y and more librarian-y.

Perhaps he hopes the clean-cut look will help him revitalize his career after a forgettable season in 2012. If that doesn’t work, hopefully dreadlocks are next. Whatever his motives, the “Freak” nickname no longer applies.


[Photos via Ann Killion, Alex Pavlovic]

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