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On second thought, the Warriors’ alternate sleeve jerseys are stupid


Earlier we brought you news that the Warriors will be wearing a sweet new yellow alternate jersey. The only problem was that the jerseys have sleeves.

Initially, I expressed my doubts about incorporating sleeves into NBA jerseys, though I also conceded I’d be open to coming around on them. But after taking some time to mull over the look and check out other photos of the duds on the players, I’ve come to a final verdict. The sleeves get a big, unequivocal thumbs down.

First, the jerseys look pretty familiar:


So, that’s not the most flattering of comparisons.

Second, the jerseys are not as advertised. While the promotional photos featuring Harrison Barnes make the jerseys look tight-fitting, not unlike an Under Amour compression shirt, in reality that’s not the case. Check out some of the photos from of the players wearing them in practice. They look more like T-shirts, especially for the guys who aren’t built with a lot of muscle, such as Klay Thompson. Evidently we have a jersey with an identity crisis. What’s it going to be, compression shirts or glorified T-shirts? If they’re compression shirts at least the whole concept doesn’t look as dopey.

Which brings me to my third and perhaps most important point: Sleeves just look stupid.

Again, I direct you to another photo of the players wearing them in practice. I can already imagine somebody tuning into a game involving the Dubs and thinking, “Hey, did one team forget to take off their warm-up shirts?” No, those are their actual jerseys because it was some genius’ bright freaking idea to put SLEEVES ON NBA JERSEYS.

I understand apparel manufacturers are always looking for a way to evolve the aesthetics of sports, but, despite all the efforts to make this sound like a modern advancement, whatever brain trust at adidas is responsible for this might need to have their credentials reconsidered.

Seriously. What is the point? To look cool? If that’s the case, then the cool police needs to make an arrest. If you’re beating the Oregon Ducks to having bizarre uniform gambits, then it really must not be cool. Why couldn’t they at least give the player an option of a jersey sans sleeves?

It’s only fair to point out this is obviously an experiment. But right now, based on reaction across the Internet and on Twitter, it’s looking more like an ill-advised experiment. adidas has been down this road before. As TBJ points out, all-stars in 2011 were given the option of wearing a tight-fitting jersey in the All-Star Game that year, hoping it would become a popular trend with players. That concept was soon after quietly swept under the rug.

But what hurts the most, when my rage over sleeves finally ceases, is seeing how much of a tremendous blown opportunity this was for the Warriors. Since rebranding to their fantastic current logo and uniforms, the Warriors have been lacking an alternate uniform. The likely choice for color has always been yellow. Even if the yellow alternate embraced the same basic design as the normal jerseys, they would have been hot sellers. It made too much financial sense to not be inevitable.

That day came on Monday. And the team actually came out with an truly sexy uniform. When you take the sleeves out of the equation, everything about the jerseys, including the logo design and the pinstripes, is remarkably attractive. But all of that gets rendered insignificant because the Warriors would rather look like a men’s volleyball team than a fitted-out NBA squad of bosses.

Damn shame. Cut off the sleeves and you have the best jersey in the league.

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