Andres Torres really wanted Giants deal to get done

Andres Torres won the World Series in 2010 with the Giants as the starting center fielder but spent 2012 with the Mets after being traded for the Giants’ current starting center fielder Angel Pagan.

Torres is now back with the Giants this season to compete with Gregor Blanco for the starting spot in left field.

Torres reportedly had interest from a few teams, specifically the Dodgers, Reds and Mets, in the offseason but wanted his agent to get a deal done with the Giants, regardless of money. It almost sounds like he was desperate to return to San Francisco. From Henry Schulman:

Torres made it clear to his agent that if there were any way to return to the Giants, then get a deal done.

“My heart is in San Francisco,” Torres said, saying 15 times how “amazing” it felt to be back in the Giants’ clubhouse. Torres watched the entire postseason on television, which he does not ordinarily do, and said he was as nervous as he ever has been.

“It was torture,” he said, smiling.

Wait. He knows he doesn’t get a 2012 World Series ring, right?

[via SF Gate]

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