Thomas Greiss’ new goalie mask is horrifying (Photo)

This is the new headgear for Sharks goalie Thomas Greiss. I have no clue what in the world that demon creature is supposed to be. Is it a zombie? Is it a werewolf? Is it a zombie werewolf? Maybe Ryane Clowe having a bad day? All I do know is I have the heebie-jeebies and my pants are now damp.


[photo via @kkurzcsn]

  • Jimmy

    I can see it now……A player gets a break away, gets down to the goalie ready to shoot the puck then says ” oh s#!t” and skates away

  • Al Cee

    my precioussss

  • Danny Boy

    Yeti Rage…..Nice work

  • becca

    It’s a Chupacabra!!!!

  • Robert Tapia

    i like how they let the goalies customize their masks… very cool