Josh Reddick is lugging around Triple H’s WWE belt at A’s photo day


Josh Reddick is a big WWE fan. That much can be deciphered every time one hears Rowdy Roddy Piper’s theme played as Reddick’s walk-up music at the Coliseum.

And then there’s Reddick’s antics during the team’s photo day Monday at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

That photo above is of the outfielder on Monday posing with an authentic WWE Championship belt that, according to BANG’s John Hickey, once belonged to Triple H.

Last year during photo day, Reddick was seen sporting a replica belt. This year, he upgraded to the real deal.

“I got this one a couple of days after photo day last year,’’ Reddick said. “I’m friends with Triple H, and he sent me this one and said if I’m going to wear one, I should wear a real one.’’ [...]

“I wore the belt to all the stops here today,’’ Reddick said. “Whether it will make it into any of the photos, I don’t know.’’

However, Reddick’s showiness is already putting the clubhouse in dire turmoil. Via Casey Pratt:

Josh Donaldson took a more refined approach to his photo sessions. He seemed proud to rely solely on his natural looks.

“I don’t use props,” Donaldson said. “You don’t become a model by using props.”

“He’s in love with him self a little bit,” Reddick retorted.

Our advice to Donaldson: Don’t mess with the guy who’s friends with Triple H.

[photo via caseyprattcsn]

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