Allen Crabbe’s parents speak out about Mike Montgomery pushing their son

Two days after their son was on the receiving end of The Shove Heard ‘Round the College Hoops World, Allen Crabbe’s parents have commented on the incident.

While admitting disappointment in coach Mike Montgomery, both Allen Crabbe Jr. and Cheryl Price told BANG’s Jeff Faraudo they are willing to move on so long as that’s what their son wants.

The elder Crabbe said he already spoken with the Bears coach and considers the episode resolved:

“I told Montgomery, ‘I respect you as a coach. Do I respect what you did? No. You can’t put your hands on a kid. It’s 2013,” Crabbe’s father said in a phone interview. “He understood and said it was his mistake.”

Price acknowledged difficulty in coping with her emotions regarding the incident but, like her son and his father, has moved on:

“I’m probably having a hard time putting it behind me,” Crabbe’s mother, Cheryl Price, said in a phone interview Tuesday morning with this newspaper. “Allen asked his dad and I to let him handle it, (saying), ‘I have to do these things myself.’ We’re letting him handle it the way he wants to.” [...]

“Based on everything that has happened, I’m believing it is (over). I know in Allen’s mind it is. He’s all about the work,” she said. “I’m talking incredible character. I’m so proud of him.”

The star junior, in fact, put the incident behind him as soon as the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s game, calling Montgomery’s shove “under the bridge.” And then today:

Meanwhile, Montgomery’s attitude about his actions has pulled a 180. The coach took heat for initially showing no remorse for assaulting his player, citing it motivated Crabbe into leading the Bears to victory (“It worked, didn’t it?”). That blithe opinion has since markedly changed, as was seen on Tuesday, via the AP:

“The fact was, I was wrong,” Montgomery said on a Pac-12 conference call Tuesday. “Looking back, you can’t do that.” [...]

“There’s no excuse,” he said. “I’ve been doing this 31 years. There’s no excuse. I know better. It’s totally out of character for me. I think things have changed in terms of how you can deal with kids. There’s a heightened sensitivity to these kind of things but that doesn’t change it. But there’s nothing that makes it right. I was wrong. You have to just acknowledge that and push forward.”

Both the Pac-12 and the university have rebuked Montgomery for his actions but have not suspended him.

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    You know Crabbe didn’t really mind the push, he said the coach was trying to inspire him. People should let it alone now…