Andrew Bogut now allowed to play back-to-backs

Since returning to the Warriors lineup less than a month ago, Andrew Bogut has been restricted by doctors from playing in back-to-backs until the all-star break to minimize stress on the center’s flimsy ankle.

Now that the all-star break is history, that ban has been lifted as Bogut approaches the next level of his recovery. Per Marcus Thompson:

A team official said the 7-foot-1 Australian has been cleared to play both games in back-to-back sets, the next step in his rehabilitation. When Bogut returned to action on Jan. 28, he was limited to 25 minutes and prohibited from playing two games in two nights until after the All-Star break. Well, the All-Star break has come and gone so it is time to see if Bogut’s surgically repaired left ankle can handle such rigors.

Additionally, Bogut’s minutes limit per game is allowed to be extended though still closely monitored based on the situation:

The Warriors have been extra cautious with the oft-injured Bogut since acquiring him late last season. But if the team was serious about maximizing Bogut’s worth, it eventually had to throw him in the deep end. Now is that that time.

Whether Bogut’s skeleton is made of toothpicks and cotton candy will be tested immediately. The Warriors start the official second half of the season with a back-to-back in Utah and then at home vs. the Suns beginning on Tuesday.

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