Ugly fight erupts during Warriors-Pacers game (Video)

Midway through the fourth quarter of the Warriors-Pacers game in Indy Tuesday, both sides got into an ugly scrap that spilled into the first row of the stands. It started when Roy Hibbert and David Lee got into a shoving match under the basket after a dead ball. The melee escalated as the two tried to be separated and Hibbert continued to throw ‘bows and toss dudes aside like rag dolls. And by “dudes,” we mean Stephen Curry… twice!

In the end, Hibbert was ejected and Lee, Curry, Klay Thompson and David West were assessed technicals.

The Warriors went on to get thumped, 108-97, snapping their three-game win streak.

We’ve got your back in case any fines and suspensions are handed out on Wednesday. Though it’s probably safe to say Curry’s pride took more damage tonight than his bank account ever could.

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