What people said about Stephen Curry’s 54 points at Madison Square Garden

After Stephen Curry’s historic 54-point performance against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, the praise coming in from others has been relentless. Here is a collection of what has been said about Curry’s big night:

Jarrett Jack:

“Incredible by Steph. I have never been a part of anything like that in my life. He was uncanny. Unbelievable.”

Mark Jackson:

“He put on a clinic. He knocked down shots in all areas. I’ve seen a lot of great performances in his building and his goes up there. That shooting performance was a thing of beauty.”

Purvis Short, who put up 59 and 57 points for the Warriors in 1984:

“I thought it was a magnificent performance. I think every player dreams of playing in New York and having your best game ever. He had every thing clicking.” [...]

“That’s unbelievable. That’s why he is who he is. He’s a tremendous shooter. Excellent techniques. With the way he can put the ball in the basket, it’s tremendous. As a shooter, those are the games you work hard for. Those are the games you dream about, where everything falls into place and you’re in control of the game.”

Hall of Famer Chris Mullin:

“When’s he’s open, I always feel like the ball is going in. He’s got that gift.” [...]

“Everything in New York will be a little bit bigger, so it adds to it. But to me, if you look at those numbers, I don’t care where he does that. If he did it in Timbuktu, it’s unbelievable. An incredible shooting exhibition for any generation, any time, anywhere.”

Hall of Famer Rick Barry:

“Any time you can score 54 points, it’s pretty impressive. He did it a lot of different ways — going to the basket, floaters, 3s, creating his own shot, coming down in transition and pulling up. He shot the hell out of the ball.” [...]

“That’s the way he needs to play all the time. You’ve got to play with that aggressive mentality. As unselfish as he is, and with the vision he has, it opens up so much more when he plays that way. The entire team benefits when he plays that aggressively. I don’t know how Mark (Jackson) feels, but I’d be mad if he doesn’t take 20 shots per game.”

Reggie Miller:

Nate Robinson:

NBA TV’s Steve Smith:

J.R. Smith:

Kent Bazemore:

Dorell Wright:

David Lee:

Carl Landry:

And the man of the hour:

[shouts to the great Marcus Thompson]

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