Brian Wilson is looking great these days (Video)

We’re less than a month away until the first pitch of the 2013 MLB season, but former Giants closer Brian Wilson, who’s coming off Tommy John surgery, is still without a team. So, TMZ (who else?) caught up with Wilson, disheveled beard and all, to see what his plans are. When asked if he would ever shave his trademark beard to join the Yankees (who have a strict facial hair policy), he responded tersely by saying he was from Boston.

But that’s not the story here.

Take a gander at Wilson and notice how he did the interview with a streaking ketchup stain running down his shirt, which even he shamelessly cops to at the start of the video. Just when you thought this man already couldn’t look even more homeless, he comes out of a restaurant looking like he’s just gone dumpster diving on Skid Row. Of course, if this is what’s on his shirt after a meal, the next logical step is wondering what’s in his beard.

[via TMZ]

  • rooster921

    Please explain to me, WHY would the Yankees have the slightest interest in this goofball.  Their pitching, especially the bullpen, is their strong point.  And in case you didn’t notice, they have a first ballot Hall of Fame closer in Rivera, and a closer in waiting in Robertson.  Maybe Wilson COULD pitch batting practice for them.  He might then be able to keep that ridiculous beard.

  • orangeNblack

    It’s not so much the beard that bothers me as it is the black shoe polish he uses to cover up the grey.