Hue Jackson says Al Davis wanted to make him the team’s GM

Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson says that Al Davis offered him the team’s GM position before he was ultimately hired to the be the team’s offensive coordinator.

From SI’s Jim Trotter’s profile on Jackson:

Jackson claims that before being hired as offensive coordinator in 2010, Al Davis offered him the position of general manager. Jackson says he turned it down because his passion is coaching and working with players. He says he and Davis never discussed him taking the head coach position — contrary to speculation that he accepted the coordinator position with an eye on the top job, held by Tom Cable at the time.

Kind of hard to believe given the unrelenting insistence Davis had that he should be the one running the team, which he didn’t give up until, ya know, HE DIED. But taking Jackson at his word, it’s hard not to wonder what ditch in hell the Raiders would be in if he were in charge of roster decisions.

Not that Al Davis was a mad genius himself. The running joke for the last few years of Davis’ life would be that the team would finally take a step toward relevancy again once he passed away. But when that finally happened in 2011, it was Jackson who razed the Raiders’ stockpile of draft picks to bring in Carson Palmer. That proved to be a spectacular mistake. And the Raiders still haven’t fully recovered.

Jackson was fired after last season when Reggie McKenzie was brought in to be the actual GM. Jackson was a perfectly fine offensive coordinator and head coach. The Raiders started 4-2 with Jackson as the head coach in 2011, and then went 4-5 after the trade. It was letting being GM get to his head when things went to hell for him and the team.

Jackson will coach the Bengals running backs next season.

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