Josh Reddick and WWE’s Daniel Bryan are now beard beefing


Today in “random things that happen at spring training,” Josh Reddick is now involved in a “Beard Off” with WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.

The contest was born after Bryan came out of nowhere to challenge the A’s outfielder, who is a big WWE fan and knows some of the wrestlers personally.

As part of the not-so-aptly named contest, both guys, already with noteworthy beard length, will attempt to grow the fullest, meanest beard as possible. The winner will be determined by a fan vote (which decidedly favors Bryan with his over 550,000 Twitter followers compared to Reddick’s less-than-35,000), and for some reason, it’s the loser who has to shave his beard off.

Oh, did I mention this goes to the end of the year? Yeah, the contest goes to the end of the year. Nine months from now. The A’s clubhouse should be a fun place to hang around if the players are going to humiliate Reddick and ask him how Burning Man was the entire time, as if it’s “Knocked Up.”

So, yes, this would mean Reddick won’t be shaving throughout the duration of the upcoming season. Things are going to get hairy. It’s going to look like a member of ZZ Top is playing in right field for the A’s. Reddick should adjust walkup music accordingly.

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