Klay Thompson’s dad was just joking about that whole allowance thing

klay-thompson-drawingSad news to report. Klay Thompson actually handles his own money.

Yes, yes, I know we all had a good time with that story last week, but it’s not true.

For those behind, Thompson’s dad, former NBA player Mychal Thompson, treated us all to the splendidly amusing story of how he fined his son for taking part in the Warriors’ scrap with the Pacers.

In this tale we learned some considerably eye-opening things about Klay, like how his parents, for whatever reason, control his bank account, and how his sole source of income is a $300-a-week allowance (plus rent money) from them. We all had a laugh about it at the expense of Klay’s reputation.

But Klay wants to set the record straight, probably because of the obviously embarrassing nature of his father’s purported revelations. And, sadly for all of us, the Warriors shooting guard says it was all just a joke:

Well, this is certainly a buzz kill. Upon learning of this, I was left not knowing what to believe. Mychal Thompson sounded so convincing in his story. It was so detailed. None of it was really that hard to believe. And given that it was Klay Thompson he was talking about, it all sort of made sense.

But, alas, Klay isn’t lying. Mychal confirmed to Ric Bucher and Chris Townsend on 95.7 The Game his son isn’t a 23-year-old NBA player who makes $2.2 million this season but instead comically has a weekly allowance of $300 from his parents.

It was a joke. We were messing around on the radio. I cannot believe accomplished members of the media like Ric Bucher, PTI, Around the Horn, all these guys thought I was serious. … Klay is a grown man, he’s got professional people around him, he’s a pro. He can handle his own business.

At any rate, Klay, even if momentarily, silenced all us trolls who still make allowance jokes when he splashed the game-winning 3 against the (sigh) lowly Kings Wednesday night:

[Video via; Photo via WarriorsWorld]

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