Brett Anderson leaves game after injuring weirdly named body part


A’s pitcher Brett Anderson left Sunday’s Cactus League game against the Diamondbacks after just eight pitches. Here are the A’s with the injury report:

Wait a sec. Trapezius? Is this a joke? Did the A’s Twitter account get hacked? Anderson has a strained high-flying circus swing? The hell is a trapezius? These were are all thoughts that coursed through my mind after hearing the news.

A thousand points to you if you know what a trapezius is and where it is located (unless you’re in the medical field). But for the rest of you, it’s the triangular muscle that stretches from the neck to the upper back. This makes sense when you realize “trapezius” is referred to as “trap muscle” by normal people.

On a serious note, however, the injury may cause some concern for the A’s. Anderson is tapped to be the team’s opening day starter and has already missed significant time in the past year after Tommy John and suffering an oblique strain at the end of last season. But the left-hander doesn’t believe the injury to be major.

The injury occurred when he was covering third base on an error.

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