Travis Blackley likes bands with some pretty interesting names


The Chronicle’s Ann Killion wrote a charming piece about the peculiar bromance between A’s pitcher Travis Blackley and outfielder Josh Reddick.

It’s your typical odd couple-type story that the mainstream media can’t help themselves from eating up during the long and often monotonous spring training schedule: Person A likes to do X. Person B likes to do Y. Person A and Person B are best friends. Boom. Story.

In this case, Reddick is the self-proclaimed “redneck” from Georgia who likes NASCAR and WWE; Blackley is the tatted-up Aussie who likes heavy metal. The story writes itself!

It’s a fun read, and if you’re an A’s fan, we recommend it.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. In the story we come across something that my 10-year-old maturity level couldn’t help but to share with you fine folks (emphasis mine):

When they’re not out on man dates, the roommates play video games together on an Xbox, though Blackley, who recently turned 30, thinks he may be maturing because he often gets bored and just watches the 26-year-old Reddick play. For entertainment, he likes to watch video of Australian heavy metal bands, like Deez Nuts and I Killed the Prom Queen.

I’m sorry, but Deez Nuts and I Killed the Prom Queen are awesome band names. And there’s just something so surreal about seeing those words printed by a distinguished newspaper and thinking of them read by old people like Ray Fosse. So, naturally, I had to hear me some music by Deez Nuts:

And I Killed the Prom Queen:

Ladies and gentleman, Deez Nuts and I Killed the Prom Queen. They’re both on Spotify.

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