Raiders considering giving Vince Young a workout?


Vince Young has been hoping to make his way back to the NFL. Some might find this hilarious because when we last saw him he was fat, broke and out of a job after embarrassingly being beaten on the Bills depth chart by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tarvaris Jackson.

If you thought Young was done as an NFL quarterback, you clearly don’t know the Raiders. Oakland is reportedly interested in working out the former marginal NFL player. Yes, at quarterback. For some reason.

If true, it would only be a workout and doesn’t necessarily portend Reggie McKenzie handing over a contract. The Raiders obviously need another veteran quarterback. But why even entertain this idea? Why subject your team to the sideshow that would come with Young? Why not go after somebody who was actually in the league last season?

One could assume—hell, for the Raiders sake, hope—this is just a ploy to coax Carson Palmer into restructuring his contract, which is worth $13 million this season. If that’s the case, and if I were Palmer, I’d just fall to the floor dying of laughter, if he wasn’t already doing so.

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