Tuck Rule on NFL chopping block

Welp, it’s about damn time.

The NFL’s Competition Committee on Thursday proposed to drop the Tuck Rule, which will be voted on by the owners when the league holds its annual meeting in Arizona next week.

It’s been over a decade since the Raiders were absolutely bamboozled out of a playoff victory, the Patriots birthed a dynasty and any of us knew something called the Tuck Rule even existed. But now the controversial rule’s days could be numbered.

If the rule change is approved, it will be declared a fumble whenever possession of the ball is lost by a passer while bringing the ball back to the body after a throwing motion—aka “tucking”—rather than being ruled an incomplete pass, as it was on that frosty January night in 2002.

If you’re brave enough to re-live the pain from that night and want to hear Greg Papa absolutely lose his shit, or if you simply love reveling in the Raiders’ misfortune, of which you’ve had ample material over the last decade, here’s the play that shall be shrouded in infamy for all time:

Not sure why it’s taken this long for the league to call for a change in the rule, which was created in 1999. Not sure if this is anything to celebrate, either. Everything’s in the past. Unfortunately for the Raiders (and fortunately for the Patriots) nothing will change. Painful memories will remain painful and without any closure or solace. The term “Tuck Rule” has become and will forever be a repellant term in the Raider Nation.

So, how did the Raiders react to Thursday’s news?

Yeah, I don’t think they’ve moved on.

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