Report: Raiders give permission to Rolando McClain to seek trade

The wheels are apparently in motion finally for Rolando McClain’s departure from the Raiders.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Raiders have given permission to McClain’s agent to seek a trade for his client:

McClain’s agent, Pat Dye Jr. of Sports Trust Advisors, recently requested the green light from Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie to shop McClain, the No. 8 pick of the 2010 draft. One source said McKenzie simply said that it was fine by him.

If Dye cannot help facilitate an acceptable trade, McClain will be released, according to the source. If he’s released, the Raiders will take a $7 million salary cap hit. But there is no timetable for his release, nor is there any urgency in the matter.

It’s probably a stretch to assume a team would actually give up something for McClain, he of the no-respect-for-any-authority-whatsoever ilk. The reason McClain hasn’t been given his walking papers yet is because McKenzie was holding out for the off chance that a team would actually be stupid enough to part with a draft pick or player in exchange for him, rather than waiting for his release and picking him up for a lot cheaper and without losing anything.

When Dye approached the Raiders with this plan, I’d like to imagine McKenzie responded with something along the lines of “LOL!!! Whatever, bro. Feel free to make my job easier.”

There’s nothing to lose for the Raiders in this. But, again, we’ll be surprised if McClain gets traded. Points to everybody for trying, though. #goodjobgoodeffort

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