The Tuck Rule is no more

We shared on Thursday that the league was willing to get rid of the totally pointless Tuck Rule. Wednesday was the day its fate was decided, and you kiss it goodbye for good.

The league voted to abolish the controversial ruing that infamously stole a playoff victory away from the Raiders in 2002 by a count of 29-1. The Redskins and the Patriots, obviously, abstained from the vote. The Steelers were the only team that voted in favor of the rule. That’s it, the Steelers aren’t invited to the Raiders’ birthday party anymore.

Charles Woodson, whose strip of Tom Brady helped bring the Tuck Rule to prominence, reacted to Wednesday’s news by reciting church hymns:

“Hallelujah,” Woodson said with a laugh Wednesday on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access,” “It shouldn’t have taken this long. It’s been 11 years I guess now. It’s about time that they turned it over. It really was just a badly explained rule from the jump, and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense the way the rule was interpreted. … So I think the best thing was for them to just throw it out.”

Just for the hell of it, here’s video of the play and its immediate aftermath that the Raider Nation would probably prefer be thrown into a dumpster fire:

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