Marshawn Lynch scores touchdown in Cal spring game (Video)

Satruday’s Cal football spring game was highlighted by a 23-yard touchdown scamper by Marshawn Lynch.

Wait, wait, wait, what?

Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks? Of Beast Mode? The biggest Skittles fan in the NFL? The former Cal running back?

Yes, that’s the guy! Here’s proof:

Lynch, who ended his Berkeley days of celebrating wins by starting sideshows with golf carts on the sidelines in 2007, was in town for the spring game. He surprised everybody when he suited up in full pads and his old No. 10 jersey and took his only carry to the house. Cal’s defenders clearly wanted no part of the All-Pro.

Well, this is certainly one way for new coach Sonny Dykes to rebuild the program. Just bring back all of Cal’s best former players! Lynch in the backfield, Aaron Rodgers at QB, DeSean Jackson out wide. Cal would be unstoppable next season!

All kidding aside, though, we wonder if this is going to end up being an NCAA violation somewhere in the NCAA’s complicated and often inane and obtuse rulebook. We trust Dykes looked into that.

Afterward, Lynch did an interview looking like this:


In conclusion, Marshawn Lynch is the best.

[Video via Pac-12; H/T Bryan Fischer]

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