Stephen Curry twists right ankle yet again


Sigh. It happened again.

Stephen Curry left the Warriors win over the Washington Wizards on Sunday midway through the fourth quarter after spraining the same right ankle that’s been so problematic throughout his career.

Just when the Warriors finally appeared to be getting back in some sort of groove with the playoffs looming, bad luck has to rear its ugly head at the detriment of Curry and the Warriors. Awesome timing. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL, basketball gods? Couldn’t you go after, like, Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson for once?

The injury came when Wizards guard Cartier Martin (former Dub, by the way) intentionally fouled Curry on a fast break. The contact caused Curry’s right foot to get caught in the floor, rolling his ankle in the process. The crowd gasped in disbelief upon replay on the jumbotron. For the rest of the broadcast Bob Fitzgerald sounded like somebody just murdered his dog.

Curry attempted to walk off the injury while grimacing in visible pain. After he shot the two subsequent free throws and was removed from the game, Curry limped to the locker room and wasn’t seen again.

As bad as the injury looked, Curry didn’t sound so morbid speaking to reporters after the game.

“I’m fine,” he said next to his locker stall with a bucket of ice in front of him. “Don’t worry about my ankle. It’s just another little episode. I’ll get through it like I usually do. Just gotta get my treatment and get ready for the Monday.”

Curry was having a superb game up until that moment. He finished the contest with 35 points, eight assists while shooting 13-of-18 from the field and 6-of-10 from deep, as the Warriors cruised to an easy 101-92 win.

After the game, he underwent x-rays on the ankle, which turned out negative.

Mark Jackson said that his point guard wanted to go back in the game.

That’s really hard to believe after seeing Curry walk so gingerly back to the locker room.

This isn’t the first time Curry has missed action this season because of that ankle. The point guard has been absent for just four total games this season, which in itself is pretty remarkable considering Curry’s history, after tweaking his ankle on two separate occasions.

The Lakers are in town next on Monday. After that, should Curry miss extended time, the Warriors have the Kings, Blazers and Hornets visiting in the next three games. Cake. You would think.

“If we have bigger things coming down for down the stretch of the season, I’ve gotta be smart in that situation,” Curry said about whether he’ll play on Monday. “The Lakers are coming in, they’re a team behind us and need that game. So, I’m going to do everything I can to play, but I’ve gotta make sure I’m ready.”

Hard to predict whether Curry will actually play Monday. It’s argubaly the worst we’ve seen him roll that ankle since perhaps the Bulls game early last year. But the cheery attitude from him and his teammates afterword indicate this might be a case of “worse than it looked.” Nobody knows that ankle better than Steph. So, we shall see come Monday.

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