Raiders OL Jared Veldheer is jacked (Photo)


That abnormally large human being on the far left of the above photo is Raiders offensive lineman Jared Veldheer. We don’t know what exactly Veldheer has done to get so ridiculously jacked, but to avoid slandering people, we’ll just assume he eats a lot of vegetables. A lot of anabolic vegetables. Remarkably, this is what he looks like after supposedly gaining just four pounds (now up to 325).

The Raiders offense will be switching back to the power blocking scheme in 2013 and it looks like Veldheer, a fourth-year pro out of the intimidatingly named Hillsdale College, took a lot of that literally in his offseason workout regimen.

So, regardless of whoever ends up being the Raiders’ quarterback next season, we’re sure he’s going to be glad to have a guy built like a backhoe protecting him.

H/T 95.7 The Game

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