Dan Boyle drops gloves with Corey Perry after sucker punch (Video)

Pretty outstanding effort from the Sharks these last two games (how often have we said that since January?), outscoring the Ducks, the second-best team in the West right now, 9-3.

Maybe Ducks winger Corey Perry, a recent recipient of a $69 million contract extension, was sick of it by the time the Sharks scored what proved to be the final goal of Wednesday night’s contest, a shorty by Tommy Wingels to put the hometown heroes up 4-0 in the final period, when Perry sucker punched Dan Boyle on the odd-man rush score. Observe:

So how did Boyle respond? By gentlemanly not going out his way to retaliate and by saying after the game he’s confident the league will handle Perry appropriately.

LOL! No, just kidding.

He’s a hockey player; of course he retaliated later on with a big hit on Perry, followed almost immediately by the dropping of gloves:

We’ll give Boyle the decision here, if for no other reason than Boyle gets in one good parting shot to Perry’s dome after the two spilled to the ice.

H/T Puck Daddy

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