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QB Pat White works out for 49ers

Little has been reported as to whom Alex Smith’s replacement as 49ers clipboard holder/Colin Kaepernick understudy will be. 

He’s no realistic candidate for that role, but the Niners did reportedly bring in Pat White (yes, that Pat White) for a workout. For some reason.

If you remember, White is the former West Virginia playmaker and Dolphins flame out who fell out of the NFL in 2010 and then pursued a ill-fated career in baseball.

White was inexplicably over-drafted by the Dolphins in the second round of the 2009 draft to be a hybrid player in Tony Sparano’s then-revolutionary Wildcat Offense. But 13 games and zero pass completions later, White was out of the league after just one year. Safe to say the Dolphins might have outsmarted themselves on that one.

White was thought by some to represent the ushering in of an NFL offensive revolution. But with the read-option and dual-threat quarterbacks all the rage in the NFL these days, White might just have been a few years ahead of his time.

Jim Harbaugh oversaw White’s workout, but it’s not clear how long it lasted. It’s unlikely the Niners brought in a guy who hasn’t taken an NFL snap in nearly four years with Kaepernick’s backup in mind. But Mike Florio does suggest the team gave him a look to potentially be a Russell Wilson stand-in on the practice squad.

Regardless of the Niners’ intentions, White left the team’s training facility with little fanfare.

[via CSNBA]

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