Reports: Raiders nearing trade for Matt Flynn

Various reports say the Raiders are nearing a deal in which they would acquire Matt Flynn from the Seahawks.

The Raiders were previously linked to Flynn, along with the Bills and Jaguars, earlier this week, as Carson Palmer continues to play hardball with regard to restructuring his contract.

CBS Sports reports that after the Flynn trade, the Raiders would then trade Palmer to the Cardinals. But Adam Schefter says that would be a surprising move.

Flynn, 27, signed a three-year deal with the Seahawks last year before Russell Wilson came in and took over Seattle. Flynn was drafted by the Packers and was part of the organization at the same time as Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie.

Flynn is due $5.25 million in base salary next season, which is considerably less than Palmer’s $13 million that the Raiders are hoping to bring down for cap relief. While swapping the two sounds totally neat from a financial standpoint for the Raiders, the cap hit that releasing Palmer entails would mean Oakland wouldn’t be saving that much by acquiring Flynn.

Trading for Flynn would also likely require shipping out a pick to Seattle, which doesn’t sound like something McKenzie, already with a meager inventory of picks this year thanks to the Raiders previously giving away almost as many future draft picks as they have bad contracts, wants to do. That’s where trading Palmer, instead of cutting him, would be help. But we side with Schefter’s belief about the unlikelihood of a trade, given the lack of leverage the Raiders hold.

Of course, this might be one last desperate shot by the Raiders to convince Palmer into reshuffling the money in his contract. Ultimately, Palmer is the better option than Flynn, who is still very much an enigma as a starting QB. So, if the Flynn talk is indeed a smokescreen, kudos to Oakland for finally getting better leverage than the threat of giving Vince Young a tryout.

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