A’s pitcher Travis Blackley watches A’s game from stands after getting DFA’ed


A’s pitcher and the world’s biggest I Killed the Prom Queen fan Travis Blackley was in the Coliseum on Saturday for the A’s spring finale against the Giants. The only weird thing about that is he was designated for assignment by the A’s on Friday.

But Blackley, whose status remains in limbo as he goes through waivers, instead took in the game like any other baseball fan—from the stands.

Yeah, but then he got swarmed by a ton of fans who recognized him, right?

Huh. You think A’s fans would recognize the guy who gave them six strong innings last October to move the A’s into a first-place tie with the Rangers on the second-to-last day of the season. He must have been wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Eventually, though, Blackley made his way to the right field bleachers, where the crazies there no doubt recognized him.

It’s an unusual way to spend the day after being shown the door by a team. This is certainly the first instance of this we’ve heard of. But it starts to make sense when you read this quote from him after being DFA’ed by the team a day ago:

“I’ll definitely miss the A’s fans, they embraced me,” he said. “That’s the first time I’ve felt that from any set of fans. … I’ll definitely miss it, I have the A’s imprinted a bit on my DNA. I’ll always have a soft spot for this team.”

Maybe Blackley, not knowing what the future holds, just wanted to take in the sights, sounds and—most importantly—people of the Coliseum at least one more time.

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