49ers, Raiders

Raiders, 49ers preseason schedules

The 2013 preseason will be a period of reunions for both the Raiders and 49ers. Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn will get a chance to square off against his former Seahawks teammates while the 49ers travel to Kansas City to take on some guy named Alex Smith.

Here are the Raiders’ and 49ers’ full preseason schedules. Dates listed are the days the game will take place between. Exact dates and times for some games are still TBD:


Aug. 8-11: vs. Cowboys
Aug. 15-19: at Saints
Aug. 22-25: vs. Bears
Aug. 29-30: at Seattle


Aug. 8-11: vs. Broncos
Aug. 15-18: at Chiefs
Aug. 25, 5 p.m.: vs. Vikings
Aug. 29: at Chargers

Note: the 49ers and Raiders do not play each other in the preseason anymore because their fans are incapable of watching a game without going at each other like the Montagues and Capulets.

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