Donte Whitner’s Twitter account can’t stopped getting hacked

Wednesday night Donte Whitner caught everybody’s attention by tweeting some not-so-nice words to his new teammate Nnamdi Asomugha. Whitner said his account got hacked, and we more or less took him at his word. But because Whitner has terrible friends or his password is “Password1″ or somebody just really doesn’t like him or all of the above, the account was apparently compromised again Thursday night:


LaMichael James was amused:

But if there was any doubt lingering regarding Whitner’s “I was hacked” excuse following the Nnamdi episode, Thursday’s nonsensical tweet might very well prove that he is indeed a victim. The horrible grammar and overtly romantic proposition just sounds like something that would be written on Twitter by a hacker. Or J.R. Smith.

And yet, this has been happening to Whitner’s handle even before the Nnamdi tweet. So, now he’s gotten fed up. He’s reached a breaking point. Sacrifices need to be made. Time to pull the plug on this devil’s child known as Twitter:

As of these words, though, the account is still active. Unless he already deleted it and Manti Te’o's girlfriend swiftly swooped in and started it back up.

[screengrab via Bay Area Sports Guy]

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