Raiders say adios to Rolando McClain


The Raiders’ long nightmare at linebacker is officially over. The team on Friday finally, after three years of off-the-field stupidity and on-the-field mediocrity, cut middle linebacker/headache Rolando McClain.

This has been a long time coming. McClain, the Raiders’ 8th overall pick in 2010, probably sealed his fate when he got into a confrontation with Dennis Allen in Week 12 that led to a two-game suspension. After he came back he was demoted to the scout team in practice and left on the inactive list for the Raiders’ final three games.

His hilarious arrest in January only made Reggie McKenzie’s decision easier. That’s when McClain, in Decatur, Ala., allegedly signed a citation for a window tint violation with “Fuck y’all,” which, believe it or not, can get you arrested. We highly advise against doing it.

In 2011, of course, was arrested on another incident in Decatur after firing a gun next to somebody’s head. That arrest gave us this amazing photo (really, that photo is phenomenal. I want a framed version in my house somewhere). Just as a suggestion, and I know it’s his hometown, but how about maybe McClain just doesn’t go to Decatur anymore. He was found guilty of assault but the charges were later dropped on appeal.

It’s not like McClain was playing well enough to make up for all his off-the-field idiocy. From Vic Tafur:

Even if he was a model citizen, he has looked slow, had a hard time getting off blocks and was victimized in pass coverage on the playing field. In 41 career games with Oakland, McClain only had 6½ sacks, one interception, one forced fumble, no fumble recoveries and did little to help improve Oakland’s struggling run defense.

So, much like his immaturity and antagonist attitude, the Raiders won’t be missing his ineptness on the field, either. The only reason it’s taken McKenzie this long into free agency to give him the boot is because of cap implications, according to him.

McClain’s agent was given permission to seek a trade for his client, but that obviously didn’t work out. No team is stupid enough to give up a draft pick or anything for a crappy player that would surely end up being released by the Raiders anyway. I mean, that would have been like signing a police citation with “Fuck y’all.”

Releasing McClain comes with the $7.26 million cap hit, which the Raiders will have to swallow in its entirety this year. The Raiders cannot spit, excuse me, split up that figure over two years as previously reported. It’s a steep price to pay, but as we’ve said before, it’s a price McKenzie and Allen are more than willing to take.

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