Rolando McClain clears waivers

To the surprise of exactly nobody, former Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain went through the waiver wire without a single one of the NFL’s 31 other teams placing a claim on him.

The Raiders waived McClain on Friday. Clearing waivers makes McClain an unrestricted free agent and free to sign with any team he so chooses. (Even the Raiders! Oh, man. I crack myself up sometimes.) Had a team claimed him, it would have had to pick up the remainder of his contract.

No kidding? Not a single team wanted to pay a bad, troublesome linebacker $10 million over two seasons? Imagine that.

So what’s in store McClain now? Well, obviously finding a team that’s willing to have anything to do with him. Which ultimately shouldn’t be hard at the right price. He’s still only three years removed from being a top 10 draft pick.

But McClain’s best option right now to not be future ex-Canadian Football League player might be joining an NFL team that runs the 3-4 defense. And you know who runs a 3-4? The Patriots. And I think Hard Knocks 101 with Professor Belichick might be just what McClain needs in to turn things around.

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