Cal unveils new logo, uniforms (Photos)


Cal debuted a new look for its sports teams on Wednesday, complete with brand new uniform designs and an updated bear logo, seen above.

Nike, of course, had a hand in the development process. But there wasn’t any drastic rebranding involved. The Cal script logo, which supposedly underwent a change, remains largely in tact, same with the trademark blue and gold scheme. Looking at the uniforms, it’s clear Cal achieved its goal of embracing tradition while maintaining some modernity.

Via BANG, here’s football coach Sonny Dykes probably taking a shot at Pac-12 rival Oregon, the undisputed king of radical uniform redesigns:

“We’re not trying to create an identity for ourselves — we have one. It’s the University of California,” new football coach Sonny Dykes said. “I don’t think we need to try to get into uniform battles. We’ll let other schools do that because that’s what they’re particularly good at.”

Burned, Oregon. The Ducks will respond by probably beating Cal—in Eugene—by 40 points in the fall. But at least Dykes’ boys will look good in defeat.

The football team has four uniform color schemes to choose from—blue, gold, white and gray. We look forward to all the colorful mixing and matching.

The jerseys for all teams will officially debut next school year. We have to say excellent job to the Bears. And any time you can get rid of those desperate, awful previous football jerseys, with the inexplicable pointy stripes, that clearly reeked of Cal trying too hard to appeal to recruits, you’ve come up.

Here are some snapshots of some of the duds:







[photos via Pac-12 blog]

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