Here’s your Warriors 2013 playoff anthem

Playoff time for the Warriors. That means, in accordance with the Geneva Convention, some local unknown artist HAS to put out a playoff anthem for the team.

And so here’s the Warriors’ anthem for their 2013 playoff run. It’s called “The Show” by Cap D. But Cap D isn’t some struggling local rapper the team brought in off the street. He happens to be the team’s Vice President and General Counsel David Kelly. Yes, he’s a lawyer!

When he’s not busy poring over legal docs or standing by in case Jarrett Jack gets arrested for stealing somebody’s tires or just generally lawyerin’ it up (actual legal jargon, by the way), he’s actually made a name for himself on the underground hip hop scene. So, what’s your team’s general counsel do in his or her spare time?

Anyway, the track:

And the video:

Honestly, as far as playoff anthems go, it’s not that bad. And if the beat sounds familiar to you Warriors fans, it’s from that annoying Mark Jackson-narrated commercial that’s constantly in rotation locally. No, not that one. This one:

But if we’re talking about Warriors playoff anthems, I’ve got to go with the one from 2007:

Don’t judge me. That year was special.

  • joystick32

    Too much ink is wasted on dumb a**es like this.  Sadly, he probably has no marketable skills outsidefootball.  Grow up, dude!