Rays CF Desmond Jennings turns rare unassisted double play at 1st base vs. A’s (Video)

A bit of history happened during Saturday’s contest between the A’s and Rays. It occurred after Eric Sogard, inexplicably thinking the ball would drop (yes, he had his glasses on), ran without hesitation from first to third on a nonthreatening fly to center field with one out. Bad news for the A’s; good news for the Rays and center fielder Desmond Jennings, whom the baserunning blunder helped accomplish the rare feat of an unassisted double play at first base.

After Jennings snared Coco Crisp’s fly for the second, he began casually trotting to the dugout. But don’t worry, Sogard was practically halfway to Clearwater by this time. The half-inning was essentially over. Jennings kept the ball and stepped on first to easily double up Sogard, who helplessly watched from afar, and end the inning. Officially the play goes down as an 8-unassisted. It’s the first time that’s happened at first base in six years.

Unassisted, but, really, Sogard’s crack baserunning deserves a tip of the cap on this one. Just a wacky play in an otherwise uneventful 1-0 Rays win.

[vid via MLB.com]

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