A’s meet with young local victim of Boston Marathon bombing

Boston’s been to hell and back in the last week. It’s safe to say a lot of the wounds, both physical and emotional, have yet to fully heal. But, in town for a three-game set with the Red Sox, some of the A’s tried to lift the spirits of one bombing victim from the Bay Area.

Brandon Moss and Josh Reddick, both of whom played for the Sox before coming to Oakland last year, accompanied first base coach Tye Waller to visit 11-year-old Aaron Hern of Martinez in the Boston Children’s Hospital Monday afternoon.

Moss was moved by the experience:

“Just an incredible kid, incredible family,” Moss said. “The way he’s handling this whole situation, the circumstances he’s been given, I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed by a kid or a family. They’re amazing people, they really were.”

Hern, a sixth grader, was struck with shrapnel when the second bomb went off while he was waiting for his mother Katherine to finish running in the marathon. He suffered a deep wound to his left thigh and has reportedly undergone three surgeries in the last week.

Waller is confident the Hern and his family can overcome the challenges that lay ahead:

“I told them they made my day, and they really did. Knowing that he’s going to be OK after all the surgeries made us feel good. I think we came out of there with them making us feel better rather than the other way around. I guarantee you that family will be OK.”

The club reportedly hopes to honor Hern with a ceremony at the Coliseum later this summer.

[via Boston Globe, BANG]

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