David Lee and Roy Hibbert are polite about their mutual hatred

That scuffle between the Warriors and Pacers in February, for all the wrong reasons, was one of the more enjoyable moments of Golden State’s season thus far. To jog your memory, Roy Hibbert and David Lee got involved in a shoving contest, Hibbert went Incredible Hulk on Steph Curry, and Mychal Thomspon clowned his son.

For their efforts in igniting the fracas, Lee and Hibbert were both suspended one game. Since then there’s been no love lost between the two. They can’t even exchange well wishes over social media without saying how much they hate each other. Here’s their encounter on Twitter after it was announced Lee would miss the rest of the playoffs with a torn hip flexor:

Glad these two could be adults about their bitter hatred for the other. We all could learn a lot from this.

H/T Marcus Thompson

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