NFL Draft: 49ers trade 34th pick to Titans

The 49ers have moved down six spots from 34th overall in the second round after swapping picks with the Titans.

In addition to the 40th pick, the Niners receive the 216th overall pick (seventh round) and a 2014 third round pick. All just to move down six positions. Trent Baalke picking pockets once again.

So, now the Niners have essentially received second-round, seventh-round and future third-round picks for Alex Smith.

The team also traded up 13 spots on Thursday to draft free safety Eric Reid. We suspected that with SF’s large array of picks Baalke would, in his words, “wheeling and dealing,” and moving all up and down the draft. He’s proving that so far, not even 40 picks into the thing.

The Titans used the pick to draft wide receiver Jason Hunter.

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