Jim Harbaugh gushes over rookie free agent’s physique


The 49ers haven’t officially announced the names of the undrafted free agents they agreed to deals with following the draft. But that didn’t stop Jim Harbaugh from raving about one player.

Lawrence Okoye tweeted after the final draft pick was revealed on Saturday that he would be signing the Niners. Okoye’s story is intriguing. The 21-year-old is something of an athletic freak of nature. He competed in the discus event of the 2012 London Olympics, representing Great Britain, having only picked up a discus for the first time when he was 18. Okoye has never played a down of American football, but he does have a background in rugby. His potential as an NFL player could be enormous.

It’s also clear Okoye’s rock-hard 6-foot-6, 304-pound build left quite the impression on Harbaugh. When asked about Okoye, the Niners coach responded with the zeal only he is capable of:

“Inadequate was my first impression standing next to him. He’s just an Adonis. Just a great physical specimen of a man. I can think of some other adjectives. Our Creator created a beautiful man.”

It’s not unlike Harbaugh in press conferences to touch on the peculiar. But that was quite the introduction by him. Amusing, to say the least. But does he think our Creator created an NFL player? Harbaugh seems hopeful:

“The things that really impressed: he had the rugby background growing up and didn’t starting throwing the discuss until he was 18, and two years later he’s throwing it in the Olympics. You maybe start to put the pieces together and say, ‘Taking on football at this time in his life?’ I can see this guy doing it. I’m excited.”

[via SFGate, BANG]

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