Mark Jackson made some questionable comments on Jason Collins coming out


The biggest sports news story on Monday was Jason Collins coming out as the first openly gay active athlete in the four major American professional sports leagues.

The announcement has been met with a groundswell of support from other pro athletes, presidents past and present and those in Hollywood.

And then, inevitably, there have been those who made statements that have come off as wholly ignorant and offensive, namely Chris Broussard, Mike Wallace and Tim Brando.

Also making unfortunate comments—Warriors coach Mark Jackson:

We know already Jackson has in the past been open about his Christian beliefs and is a pastor at his own church. So, this position coming from a devoutly religious man isn’t that surprising.

Even though he has a pretty crappy stance on LGBT equality, Jackson is certainly entitled to his opinion, especially when he was asked for it by a reporter.

We don’t think Jackson is an intolerant person, especially working for a team whose president, Rick Welts, is openly gay (which we hope Jackson is aware of). But it’s still clear he doesn’t accept homosexuality.

I’m not here to condemn Jackson for his beliefs, though. Instead, I’m chastising him for the way he shared those beliefs. That someone would bring up the morality of the gay lifestyle on the day Collins took a historic and brave step is somewhat ill-advised. And yet, it seems as if his intentions were to offer support to Collins and his family. There were just better ways for him to convey that. And none of them include adding his two cents on what he believes is “right and wrong.”

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