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Brandon Moss walk-off homer ends 19-inning affair with Angels (Video)

After 19 innings, 6 hours and 32 minutes, 16 runs, 597 pitches, 16 pitchers being used, awful umpiring, inconclusive home run reviews, multiple players on both sides leaving with injuries, stir-crazy fans chanting A’s broadcasters’ names (because why not in the 17th inning?), A’s pitchers going to bat without any remaining position players, Brett Anderson yelling bad words at the home plate umpire, Mike Trout comically missing fly balls and watching Josh Hamilton half-ass his way to an 0-for-8, Brandon Moss, at 1:41 a.m., decided enough was enough and sent everybody home to the sweet sounds of Kool and the Gang with this two-run shot in the bottom of the 19th to give the A’s a 10-8 marathon victory over the Angels:

What a crazy game. It was the longest game by time in Angels franchise history and Coliseum history. It was fun no matter what side came out on top. It had an atmosphere not unlike staying up past your bedtime as a kid. You were in unfamiliar territory and you went along for the ride and whatever it threw at you. You knew you were on borrowed time and you wanted to make the most of it. The couple hundred of fans who hadn’t retreated back home chanted reliever Jerry Blevins’ name as he entered the batters box for the first time in his career. Ray Fosse and Glen Kuiper also acted like a couple of giddy schoolboys who were using “herbal” remedies by the 13th to help pass the time.

Meantime, at the heart of all this were two teams giving all they can to win one game out of 162 they’ll play in this season. When the Angels finally took the lead back in the 15th inning—a.k.a. the Jurassic Period of this game—the A’a came back to tie the game back up in the bottom frame. There were fantastic pitching performances in extras. And equally great defensive plays. If you want to know how important one game is, just recall the margin by which the A’s won the division last season.

When it was all over, there had to be a sense of relief in both clubhouses. Probably mostly because position players didn’t have to start taking the mound (which from an observer’s perspective would have been hilarious at that point). Here was Sean Doolittle afterward:

On a weird, practically silly night, it was fitting that an exhausted Moss did the pieing honors on himself:

To close, I leave you with this:

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