Stephen Curry gets into the face of Nuggets troll after Game 5 (Video)

After the Warriors dropped Game 5 in Denver, one Nuggets fan thought he could get away with clowning Stephen Curry as he made his way to the locker room. WRONG NIGHT TO TROLL STEPHEN CURRY, BRO.

It was a frustrating night for Curry, who struggled most of the game and got chippy with some of the Nuggets players, and he wasn’t going to take any shade from some average joe in the stands. Watch:

Clearly dude didn’t think Curry would react. Classic trolling. And then when Curry finally did, pointing fingers and all, dude pussied out.

It’s not sure what was said to Curry, who is normally mild-mannered, that set him off, but here’s a not-very-helpful summary from him:

Oh, snap, Steph!

With Curry expressing displeasure after the game with how the Nuggets players treated him all night and now this, how could you not expect a big, pissed-off Game 6 from him?

[vid via Black Sports Online]

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